10 Crazy things We Did Not Know About Bees

  1. The bee sting actually has benefits. Melittin is a toxin in bee bites that can kill HIV.
  2. Bee stings might also help ease the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The bee venom actually increases the person’s body with anti-inflammatory hormones.
  3. Bees are able to see faces because they can see the parts of the nose mouth and eyes, it is called “configular processing.”
  4. Research showed that Bees fly the shortest distance between flowers. That makes them the only animal that knows how to solve the problem of the shortest distance between two places!
  5. Bees have super extraordinary vision! They use the sun to navigate. If it is a cloudy day they use their special photoreceptors to figure out where the sun is in the sky
  6. Bees are partial to flowers that have a landing platform, and a secret ultraviolet nectar guide that we as a human cannot see.
  7. Bees do not buzz. Their wings do. They beat their wings up to 200 times per second. That is where the sound comes from.
  8. Bees have 50 times more sense of smell than dogs!
  9. Did you know that during the summer the bee population outnumbers the human population at least in the UK, 30-1!
  10. It’s possible that bees could be the answer to curing dementia. When a younger bee takes over an older bee’s job, its brain stops aging.

Our bees, these tiny creatures are so amazing at what they can do.. and what they do for us.

So let’s help our bees. Don’t cut down the weeds, and don’t cut your grass that often, so bees have food and water.

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