7 Things You Can Do to Save the Bees

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Honeybees are essential creatures to humans. They have been domesticated for pollination of commercial food production. Bees help produce billions worth of food each year. However, the global bee population is under threat. A disease called colony collapse disorder has been continually threatening its existence. Here are some things you can do to help save the bees:

Start a Bee Garden

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Make your garden a safe habitat for bees. Plant several native species of flowering plants that grow throughout several seasons so that bees have food all year round. Having bees and other pollinators such as butterflies can significantly improve the beauty of your home garden.

Go Chemical-Free

You may want to maintain the beauty of your flowers, but in doing so, you might be doing more harm than good. Pesticides have been known to harm the development of bees. If you spray insecticides, chances are they remain in the pollen, which the bees come in contact with. If they do not kill them outright, it will heavily impair how they function. It is better to use organic and natural products for your garden.

Plant Trees

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Trees can also be a source of honey for bees. Aside from providing food, it also gives them shelter. The rapid deforestation to create more farmlands not only increases the risks of flooding, erosion and climate change but also destroys the natural habitat of bees.

Bee Friendly Structures

  Bees get thirsty too. Especially when considering the long distances that they travel just to get food. You can create a bee bath for them to use. This very easy to do. Simply place some pebbles on a small basin with water. Bees will then land on these rocks to drink water.

Aside from honey bees, most bee species are creatures. Some live underground, while others make tree hollows their home. You can leave a small patch soil for bees to burrow. You can also build bee homes from pieces of wood with holes and bamboo.

Educate Yourself and Others

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Do your own research and learn more about the multiple factors which have amplified the effects of colony collapse disorder. Learn more about local beekeeping methods and the best sustainable practices. You can also participate in community events about the importance of bees to our food resources. Educating the young is especially important as they will need to take care of the bee species in the future. Tell them that honeybees aren’t dangerous and teach them how to tell them apart from wasps.

Support Local Bee Products

harvested honey in jars

Buying honey, beeswax and other bee products from your local beekeepers keep the bee industry thriving. Going local is the best way to get raw, untreated honey. Farmer’s markets are your best source for getting the best quality honey. Some other bee products you can buy are candles, soaps and royal jelly. You can support by buying fruits and vegetables that are being pollinated by them.

Donate or Get Involved

You can also help by donating to organizations that aim to save bees. Most of them have a donate-a-hive program. Wherein through the donations you gave, they can build homes for bees across the country and help them survive, especially during the winter. Some of the organizations you can participate in are the Pollinator Partnership, The Great Sunflower Project and Honeybee Health Coalition.

Another way to directly get involved is to become your own beekeeper. Start with just a few hives and produce your own honey while also helping save the bees.

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  1. Local produce is the way to go if you want *REAL* honey. It is also good to be aware of the local beekeeping scene in your community to get the best produce!

    Thanks Bo!

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